SEAZON was founded in 1995 in China. SEAZON has the world's most advanced denim production facilities with streamlined manufacturing processes and experienced management.。 Our professional team is diligent,合盈国际。 efficient and extremely dedicated.合盈国际。 Over the past twenty years,SEAZON。 all our resources have been dedicated to the research,佛山市致兴纺织服装无穷公司。 development,纺织。 and production of denim fabrics.国际。 This has made SEAZON the largest high-end denim fabric supplier in China.seazon。 SEAZON's core values include 'Putting Quality First,佛山市。 Offering Sincere Service,纺织。 Being Talent Oriented,服装。 and Caring about Environmental Protection. This has defined the standard for high end denim fabrics in China.